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Getting together a large staff of experienced specialists, engineers, professional managers and through utilizing diversified facilities, Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation, abbreviated as “WMC”, headquartered in Chengdu, metropolitan city of southwest China, has become an accepted, ecology friendly and trustful international partner for the perfect manufacturing solution of critical material fields by state of the art production, synthesis and manufacturing techniques.

First of all,High Purity Elements & Compounds based on the II-VI and III-V families of materials for infrared imaging, photovoltaic, substrate material for the epitaxial growth, vacuum evaporation sources and atomic sputtering targets etc. Secondly Silicon Crystal & Compound Semiconductors focusing onCZ Silicon and FZ silicon growth and VGF synthesis of compounds for integrated circuits, lighting industry, new energy materials, high power electronics etc. Once more Chem-Metals & Rare Earth Materialspecialized in electronic powder material, rare earth oxides and metals, and metallic ceramics application. Finally Minor Metals & Advanced Compounds accessed to dozens of minor metals, metallic compounds, and refractory and powder metallurgical materials.

ISO9001:2015 certified, through the collective efforts of our highly skilled specialists, engineers and energetic management team with the capability of comprehensive understanding of the process and production, and coordinating by up-to-date metrology and analysis instruments to control the quality, WMC operates the best practices to ensure consistency of quality and services for our customers since its start in 1997 and reorganization in 2015.

To meet the thriving market based on specialty and strategic products in electrical components, microelectronics, artificial intelligence, LEDs, 3D printing, specialty chemical, advanced telecommunication and space industry etc, welcome to explore our critical solutions, We are committed to and be uniquely positioned to deliver high-tech amazing materials and services for the research, development and manufacturing of our worldwide partnerships in the changing and challenging material world.

Company History

  • 1997
    Co-Founded by Mixed Ownership
    (Metallurgy Research Institution/Smelter/Private Sector)
    High Purity Elements & Compounds Division set up
  • 1999
    Antimony/Tellurium/Cadmium/CZT 5N-7N to USA
  • 2001
    ISO9001:2000 Certified
    Silicon Crystal & Compound Semiconductor Division set up
    Silicon Wafer 2"-6" to USA/South Korea/EU/Taiwan
    FZ NTD wafer successfully support the fabrication of power device
  • 2002
    Tellurium/Cadmium/Sulfur 5N-7N to Japan/France/Canada
    Advanced Material & Metal Compounds Division set up
    Casting Tungsten Carbide/RTP Powder to EU/Japan/South Korea/USA
  • 2003
    Chem-Metals & Rare Earth Material Division set up
    Rare Earth Oxides/Metal to England/Russian/Japan
    Technology upgrade of oxides Bi2O3/TeO2/ In2O3/ Co2O3/ Sb2O3 4N 5N High purity Li2CO3 99.99% to Canada, Japan, USA
  • 2007
    Analysis done by GDMS instrument introduced from USA
    GaAs Substrate to Germany/Israel
    Arsenic/Zinc/Tellurium/Cadmium/CZT 6N 7N to France/Korea/Israel
  • 2013
    ISO9001:2008 Certified
    InSb/InP/GaSb to Japan/Germany/USA market
  • 2015
    Reorganized to Western Minetals (SC) Corporation
    ISO9001:2015 Certified
    International Marketing Division set up for business sourcing from China
  • 2016
    Metallic compounds subsidery operation
    CdMnTe/SIN/AlN Disc/lump to Germany/USA
  • 2018
    SiC/GaN 3G advanced compound semiconductor completed in our facility
    Antimony 5N-7N capacity expansion for doping/high purity alloy/compounds
  • Present



Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation thrives on working with leading-edge technology and diversified services for semiconductors, optoelectronic, fine chemicals, rare earth, new energy and advanced material fields, and continually developing exciting opportunities with ambitious, dedicated, talented and inspiring people.

If want to advance more in your career life, work well independently and in teams, excited by the opportunity of be part of dynamic team of ours, you are welcome to apply for this interesting job.

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