Minor Metals & Advanced Compounds

Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation WMC is an important supplier of refractory material, minor metals, metallic compounds and carbides.
Refractory metals usually refer to those metals having a melting point in excess of 2200K, such as Hf, Nb, Ta, Mo, W and Re, or include all the transition metals of group IV to group VI of the Periodic Table, i.e the metals Ti, Zr, V and Cr with melting points between 1941K and 2180K. These exhibits more distinguishing features in electrical, electronic, corrosion resistance applications at ambient temperature, mechanical properties, fabricability, economic factors, and special properties for chemical process applications compared to more traditional materials used in the process industry. Minor Metals are as diverse as tellurium, cadmium, bismuth, indium zirconium etc, which are essential for and contribute great to the industry activity.


Refractory and Minor Metals and its alloy can be in fabricated form of sheet, foil, plate, strip, rod, wire, powder, tube, boat and crucible etc, which are widely used in lighting, capacitor, electronics, heat element, shield, astronautic & aviation industry, cemented carbide for mechanical, mining and petroleum industry etc. Meanwhile carbides Tantalum-Niobium-Carbide NbTaC, Niobium Carbide NbC, Tantalum Carbide TaC, Vanadium Carbide VC, Chromium Carbide Cr2C3, Zirconium Carbide ZrC powder etc are for powder metallurgy industry.


Advanced compound semiconductors of Cadmium Arsenide CdAs and other Arsenides compounds GaAs NbAs Nb5As3 InAs, Selenium Sulfide SeS2 and other Sulfides compounds CdS,As2S3,Bi2S3,Ga2S3,GeS2,In2S3,MoS2,TiS2,SeS2,Ag2S,SnS2,Sulfides solid electrolytes Li2S+GeS2+P2S5 and Li2S+SiS2+Al2S3 composite electrode material, Zinc Telluride ZnTe and other Tellurides compounds As2Te3Ga2Te3CdTeCdZnTe(CZT)CdMnTe(CMT),Cu2Te,GeTe,Bi2Te3,InTe,PbTe,MoTe2,Sb2Te3,WTe2, and Zinc Selenide ZnSe and other Selenides compounds Sb2Se3,As2Se3,Bi2Se3,CdSe,Ga2Se3,In2Se3,MoSe2,SnSe,CuSe,PbSe,WSe2,ZnSe etc find many applications such as electrolyte material, semiconductor material, QLED display, IC and other industry material fields. It is our goal to be a consistent, reliable and an affordable source for your material requirements at any time.
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