Silicon & Compound Semiconductors

Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation WMC is a major supplier of 2-12 inch single crystal or monocrystal silicon by accurate doping and  pulling technologies Czochralski CZ and Floating Zone FZ to grow crystal from polycrystalline silicon, and multiple annealing, rounding, cleaning, slicing, etching and polishing processes etc afterwards. Single crystal silicon is primarily for the manufacturing of integrated circuits, diodes, thyristors, transistors, discrete components, power device, power MOSFET, IGBT and as the substrate for high resolution particle or optical detectors etc.


Thanks to the Magnetic-field-induced created to the standard CZ ingot pulling, MCZ single crystal silicon is of a lower oxygen level, dislocation and uniform resistivity variation, and comparatively lower impurity concentration. FZ silicon introducing vertical floating zone refining technology to ensure a uniform dopant distribution, the lowest resistivity variation, restrict amounts of impurities, considerable carrier lifetime and plus high resistivity target. Besides, FZ NTD (Neutron Transmutation Doping) silicon and Epitaxial Silicon Wafer EPI adopted CVD are widely used in electronic devices fabrication.


Providing world-class compound semiconductors, which includes but not least Gallium Arsenide GaAs, Indium Arsenide InAs, Gallium Antimonide GaSb, Indium Antimonide InSb, Indium Phosphide InP, Gallium Phosphide GaP, Silicon Carbide SiC, Gallium Nitride GaN etc for LED, nano- integrated circuit, power amplifier, optoelectronic sensors, infrared detection devices, X-ray detectors, power transmission devices & new energy sources. Furthermore, a promising compound Sapphire Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 crystal is being to be vital materials in optoelectronic, high frequency communication, aeronautics and astronautics industries.
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