E2-1-1011 Global Center, No.1700 Tianfu Avenue North, Chengdu 610041, China

Western Minmetals (SC) Corporation, abbreviated as “WMC”, headquartered in Chengdu, metropolitan city of southwest China. Getting together a large staff of experienced specialists, engineers and professional business experts, WMC becomes a proven partner internationally for the perfect solution of High Purity Elements & Compounds, Silicon Crystal & Compound Semiconductors, Chem-Metals & Rare Earth Material and Advanced Material & Metal Compounds.

WMC, ISO9001:2015 certified, operates the best practices to ensure consistency of quality and service for our customers in the fields of IC, electronic components and devices, photovoltaic and new energy material, infrared imaging apparatus, powder metallurgy and specialty chemicals industry around the world since its first beginning in 1997 and reorganization in 2015.

Meanwhile, through the collective efforts of our highly skilled specialists, engineers and management team with the capability of comprehensive understanding of the process and production, and coordinating by the up-to-date metrology and analysis instruments of ICP-MS, GDMS etc to control the quality, WMC is committed to deliver high technology, new material and service for research, development and production globally.

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